Minutes 2019 (Tapovan France)

Minutes of the meeting of Ayurvedic Consortium of Europe (ACE),

September 28th, 2019, Tapovan, Normanide, France



Mr. Kiran Vyas

Mr. Govind Rajpoot

Mrs. Falguni Vyas

Mrs. Huquette Declercq

Mr. Prasanna Kerur

Mr. Nambi Namboodiri

Mr. Mauroof Athique


The representants of ACE are supposed to meet once a year.

Based on the very deep and wise lectures that were presented during the current International Symposium Yoga and Ayurveda, TAPOVAN, Normandy, France, 09/2019, Mr. Rajpoot proposed to have on-line International Satsangs for students of Yoga and Ayurveda in order to let them be in touch with Joga and Ayurveda more often than just few days of year and spread the wisdom of Joga and Ayurveda more actively.

Mr. Rajpoot said that these on-line Satsangs in czech language have already started in Czech Republic on Blue Button platform and they are quite popular among the czech and slovak students.

Mr. Athique shared his experience with american platform ZOOM and Mr. Namboodiri mentioned his free lectures he has been providing to the students in India.

Mr. Kiran added that the knowledge sharing already began also in Normandie but it is more individual and therefore slower with limited results so far.


To establish of open heart service for free of charge in the form of on line Satsang in english / french that will be done by Ayurvedic teachers, doctors, gurus.

To use the web page www.kiranvyas.com and create there the new space for Ace Gyan Satsang with the neccessary details for log in.

Decision taken

Proposal was agreed by all the participants. The on-line Ace Gyan Satsang will be in life produced via web page www.kiranvyas.com by using Blue Button platform.

The youtube channel Ace Gyan will be created for saving all recorded videos there and make them available for wider public there.

The email acegyan@gmail.com will be set as well.

Targeted date : Sunday October 6th, 2019.

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